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The Annual International Cyber Security and Machine Learning International Academic and Professional Program (ICSML Program) organized by the Malware Lab in collaboration with the University’s Office of International Academic Affairs. ICSML is aimed at bringing leading researchers and practitioners in machine learning, data science, big data predictive analytics, and a variety of cyber security experts together to share their knowledge and experience with international students who are interested in acquiring a wide range of information and in-depth knowledge in both the machine learning and cyber security domains. The program’s speakers and lecturers include many of the most respected and knowledgeable machine learning and cyber security experts from academia and industry. This team of experts will discuss the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice in machine learning for cyber security, lessons learned, innovative ideas, and prospects for the future. The ICSML program also enables participants to visit industrial companies and additional research centers located in Israel.

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