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Weekly Seminars

Mr. Ori Or-Meir

July 03, 2017

Dynamic Analysis Approach for Malware Detection

Malware can use many techniques (packers, obfuscation, encryption and dynamic code load) to evade static analysis. However, dynamic analysis is robust to these evasion techniques and can provide a complementary detection approach for static analysis. In this lecture, Ori will cover many approaches of dynamic analysis used for the accurate detection of malware; Ori will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with dynamic analysis. This lecture will also include a demonstration of several tools and methods that apply dynamic analysis for malware detection.

Mr. Nitzan Farhi

June 12, 2017

USBeat: On the Many Dangers of USB Devices

Universal Serial Bus (USB) has become the most popular and common standard to connect computer peripherals (including keyboards, pointing devices, digital cameras, printers, portable media players, disk drives, network adapters, smartphones, PDAs, and video game consoles) to personal computers, both to communicate and to supply electric power. Users tend to trust USB devices to do what they think the device is supposed to do. However, USB devices can be used to exfiltrate sensitive data, spread malicious code, steal the user's identity, stealthily change system settings and open back doors on the host, and even physically destroy it. In reality, USB devices are small computers that can be programmed to be anything. This lecture will survey the sophisticated USB attacks that have emerged over the last decade. We’ll begin by reviewing some of the basic USB concepts and then the attacks will be described and classified according to their objectives, device type, and the set of skills required for implementing them. The lecture will include a demonstration of several attacks, and Nitzan will discuss how they can be detected.

Dr. Nir Nissim

May 22, 2017

First Quarter Summary of 2017

In this talk, Nir will present a summary of Q1 2017, our goals and updates to the rest of the year

Mr. Matan Kintzlinger

May 08, 2017

Cyber-Attacks on Personal Medical Devices

In this talk, Matan will present how to asses risks and detect cyber attacks on personal medical device eco-systems

Mr. Yuval Lapidot

April 03, 2017

Deep Learning

In this talk, Yuval will introduce us Neural Networks and Deep Learning - the general idea behind it, usages and techniques

Mr. Omri Lahav

March 20, 2017


In this talk, Omri will present MinHash. He will teach us how this technique works, what it is used for, and current projects involving MinHash in our lab. 

Dr. Meir Kalech

January 02, 2017

Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering

In this lecture, I will present a new paradigm for discovering software bugs, called LDP (Learn, Diagnose, Plan).

This paradigm is based on AI methods.

Dr. Nir Nissim

December 19, 2016

In this talk Nir will focuse on the following topics regarding scientific papers:

  1. Why is it important to publish (for us, for BGU etc)

  • - Our international ranking 

  • - Get Reviews 

  • - Improve our work 

  • - Gain exposure and recognition

  1. Poster \ Workshop \ Conference \ Journal

  2. Ranking of Conferences and Journals

  3. Malware Lab's publication goals for 2017

December 05, 2016


* Presenting the paper: "Structural Feature Extraction Methodology (SFEM) for the Detection of Malicious Office Documents using Machine Learning Methods".

1. Paper Introduction

2. Research goal.

3. Methodology.

4. Data collection.

5. Evaluation and experimental design.

6. Results.

Dr. Nir Nissim

November 21, 2016


1. Malware-Lab's Vision and Goals.

2. Malware-Lab's Research Team and Structure.

3. Malware-Lab's Main Domains of Expertise.

4. Malware-Lab's Current Research Projects.

5. The Importance of Cooperation Among Malware Lab's Research Team.

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