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Malware-Lab Research Platform

The Malware-Lab Research Platform is the main and core project of the Malware-Lab. In this project, our goal is to create the main Israeli platform for research and cooperation aimed at developing advanced solutions and detection mechanisms for variety of malware based attacks.

The Malware lab platform includes three main modules:

1. Repository Master – encompasses data collection crawler and simulation end-points that sustain our comprehensive repository, on a daily basis, with large amounts of new, representative malware – so these will be the basis for the next modules.

2. Data set Creation – encompasses variety of methods, tools and techniques for features extraction from the malware exist in the Repository Master module. These features can be one or combination of several feature extraction approaches such as: Static analysis, Dynamic analysis, Temporal analysis, Sequence analysis, Electrical analysis, Image processing, Deep Learning, Min-hashing, Generic Feature Extraction methodologies etc. The extracted features are used as the basis for the methods developed on the Detection and Evaluation module.

3. Detection and Evaluation – encompasses variety of advanced machine learning methods and exiting tools by which the analyzed file can be classified as malware or benign file in high AUC, TPR and low FPR. In this module, we integrate sophisticated and recently developed machine learning methods exclusively developed in the Malware-Lab.

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