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Head of  the Malware-Lab

Dr. Nir Nissim

Head of the Malware-Lab

The Cyber Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University

Dr. Nir Nissim is the Head, Founder and PI of the Malware Lab at BGU's Cyber Security Research Center.
Dr. Nissim is also a lecturer in the department of Industrial Engineering and Management at BGU, was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University (Neuroscience research Institution, Moore's Lab). In 2016, Dr. Nissim completed his Ph.D. at BGU’s Department of Information Systems Engineering. He received a prestigious prize in recognition of his ranking with the Faculty of Engineering Sciences’ top doctoral students in 2016. During his Ph.D. research, Dr. Nissim won several best paper awards in top ranked scientific international conferences and awards of excellence at BGU, and he was one of the few doctoral students at BGU to win an exclusive doctoral cyber security scholarship granted by the Israeli Cyber Security Bureau. Dr. Nissim has published several noteworthy papers dealing with the development of a generic active learning framework aimed at the detection and acquisition of various types of malware in a variety of platforms. Dr. Nissim is expertizes in computers and information systems security as well as in machine learning, and he has been leading several large-scale research projects in the field, including collaborative projects between academia and industry. His main areas of interests are mobile and computer security, machine learning, and data mining. In addition to his contributions to the cyber security domain, Dr. Nissim is also interested in the biomedical informatics domain, in which he has published a number of papers regarding the efficient classification of condition severity. He is also a lecturer on cyber security and machine learning topics, both in the Information Systems Engineering Department at BGU, as well as in the Industrial Engineering and Management Department at Tel Aviv University. In addition, Dr. Nissim is the Head and Founder of the ICSML program, which is an international cyber-security and machine learning academic and professional program for international students.

Updated publication list can be found here

Head and Founder of the Malware-Lab, Head of the ICSML program

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